Japan Salsa Congress: Rollcall

Who else is going to this event? We've been here since Thrusday afternoon and hitting it hard tonight! Message me if you want and we'll grab a dance.


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Well, I wish I was in Tokyo! I love the scene there. However, my experience of the Japan Congress has always been looooong performances, most of them lacklustre, and limited social dancing, ending at between 11pm and 12am (although I did always enjoy the social dancing, and met wonderful leads from all over the world. That Mexican instructor I danced with several times in 2009...dreams on :) ) That being said, GForce85 has been a number of times and said he always enjoys it, leads will be in high demand, and the Japanese can dance whichever style and count you wish, with a refreshing appreciation for all of them and an absence of snobbery. Is it still out on the bay, on the monorail?

Hope you have a great time!

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