What I'm listening to right now...

I've actually been listening to the album "Fiesta Grande" by Marvin Freddy featuring a bunch of the most popular Cuban bands. I was surprised because I generally am very skeptical of albums where famous bands sing songs written by someone else. But they are all good dance songs and I find myself really enjoying a lot of them. The one that is least to my taste is with Haila because it's sort of a pan-tropical merengue-ish pop. I am in the process of sending Marvin Freddy some interview questions because he piqued my curiosity - an ENA educated reggaetonero who has written a bunch of timba songs and collaborated with Van Van, Revé, Issac, Paulo F.G. Charanga Habanera, Havana D'Primera, Bamboleo, Tanja Pantoja, El Niño y La Verdad, Los 4, Manolito, Alain Daniel, Maykel Blanco, Haila - and actually done a very good job. Unexpected and interesting. Here are some of the songs.

Van Van




Maykel Blanco

Havana D'Primera

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